Please visit our photo gallery to see pictures of our Abbotsford facility.
We are pleased to announce construction is almost finished and
CPI is well on its way to being a clean fuel source for British Columbia.
British Columbia
Catalyst Power Inc. (CPI) was created to foster the development of Anaerobic Digestion for agriculture, in British Columbia, and across Canada.

AS the showcase for this important technology we look forward to welcoming you to Catalyst One, "The Farm of the Future...Now". Here you will see the finest offerings from several support providers from BC first, and across the world, fully integrated with a family dairy farm. It sets the stage for future installations of our "bundled solutions" for a wide range of farm applications. Through this we achieve clean air, clean water, clean soil, as well as renewable fuels.
The core of our business is Anaerobic Digestion. For this we have sought the support of what we are convinced is the finest Biogas offering in the world, the technology provided by PlanET Biogas Solutions Inc.
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